You'll understand that love doesn't depend on distance or anything. It just happens.
Take my hand and let's face the world.
Someday I was walking on the street and I saw a bird. It was on the floor, it didn't know how to fly. Its wings were so weak, this bird was almost dying! I looked at the bird and I thought: "We, humans, can talk, can cry, can make anything for anybody note that we're suffering. But the bird can't talk, can't do anything, just fly." After so many times, I set down, looked at him and said: "If today is your last day, you can go. But you showed to me a lesson, a lesson that I will carry for the rest of my life: Learn how precious is all that I have." I think this lesson is not just for me, but for everybody. Thanks for reading and I hope you carry this lesson too. Nothing lasts forever.

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